Trials and triumphs

Last week, I had my three-month mast cell check up. Here are my top four accomplishments/signs of progress since my last visit:

  1. No ER visits. Technically, I broke this streak three days after my checkup. I am quickly learning what my triggers are (lemon cupcakes, Cascade detergent, stupidity…) and how to pound Benadryl at the first sign of a reaction.
  2. I can sing Adele without triggering anaphylaxis anymore. Also technically, not true. I TRY to sing Adele, and my lungs and dogs hate me for it.
  3. I can shower without turning into a red blimp and passing out, which is not a fun way to start any day, but especially workdays. The alternative, not showering, is frowned upon.
  4. I found pants that I’m not allergic to. Like not showering, the alternative is frowned upon.

When I was diagnosed, my doctor said it usually takes 4-5 years of prescription and supplement trials for an MCAS patient to discover their optimal treatment plan. Every patient’s response is different, which compounds the frustration and isolation.

Version 2
This is what a good day looks like.

This is the point where I have to remind people even the best treatment won’t make me normal. It’s okay; I made peace with this reality in kindergarten.

My goal is a more stable, comfortable quality of life. I try to remind myself that progress is not linear, but patience is hard. I worry about my family and friends losing patience too. And then, I remind myself not to worry. Because, for all we know, the zombie apocalypse could happen tomorrow.

So, what accomplishments are you celebrating this month?

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