Selfish reasons you should learn how to use an EpiPen

Apparently, today is Anaphylaxis Awareness Day.  So here is my educational effort:

If you spend any time with me at all, please learn how to use an EpiPen.

Okay, I’ve worked in politics long enough to know this is ineffective messaging. So how about this:

Do you really want to watch someone die?

Whether we are BFFs or not, if I die in front of you (while making eye contact, of course), I promise you’ll walk away with some psychological damage. And that can be expensive. A two-second stab in my leg and a 9-1-1 call will take a lot less time than all of that police questioning. Also, you’ll avoid a big mess – of the literal variety.

I’m not even going to get into the supernatural consequences.

Be a hero or be logical, I don’t care. Learn how to administer an EpiPen.

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