Living, dead, or undead?

I would like to present the following facts:

  • I am “allergic” to the sun.
  • I am highly intolerant of garlic. Consuming even a little garlic powder will compel me to compulsively send the poo emoji as a SOS signal from the bathroom.
  • I prefer to sleep during the day.
  • I have Raynaud’s; my hands and feet are cold to the touch.
  • My sense of smell now rivals that of a bomb-sniffing dog. On Thursday night, before I opened the screen door of my parents’ house, I could smell the presence of unscheduled company. She wasn’t even wearing perfume!

So if this blog mysteriously stops being updated:

a) I have succumbed to anaphylaxis. Please send memorials to my poodles’ trust fund.

b) I have realized I am indeed a vampire and I am exploring new hobbies. Maybe my hematologist will offer me a meal plan.

P.S. I think there is more literature on vampirism than MCAS. And now I’m going to have hive-inducing nightmares.

Not a vampire attack. Just an every day mast cell reaction.

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