Messages I received instead of GoFundMe donations

I’ve spent my summer suffocating on laundry fumes. My neighbor values the noxious fragrance of his laundry over my human life, so I was forced to launch a GoFundMe to afford a lawyer and a contractor. Friends and strangers alike have been incredibly generous in their donations, advice, and encouragement. Asking for help was terrifying–it always is–but once again, I was reminded that people care and want to help.

Of course, there were a few inconsiderate exceptions that poked my funny bone.

“Have you tried celery juice?”

Does celery juice pay the bills? If you find a vegetable that can heal my bank account, please let me know.

“There but for the grace of God I go”

Apparently, this means you feel lucky you’re not in my position. Or that God has no mercy on me? Or you don’t have mercy on my brain fog? There but for the grace of GoFundMe I go.

“Do not use western medicine!”

So next time I have an allergic reaction, I should just ignore my EpiPen? Because the last alternative medicine supplement I tried gave me anaphylaxis. I suppose you don’t like to use western money either.

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