When mast cells commit the perfect crime

A new pain became the center of my universe last week. Well, it’s not really new, but I avoided telling you about it, hoping it would go away. I haven’t been able to sleep on my right side for weeks. I ignored it until last Monday when I threw up in my office and burst into tears in front of my boss.

That’s when I decided to go to the ER. I worried my gallbladder was about to rupture, but all of my labs and imaging were normal. At first I declined pain medication, but my pain became all consuming. Every time Twinkle Twinkle Little Star announced the birth of a baby on the hospital intercom, I could only think of pain. “Another ripped vagina,” I thought.

On Wednesday, I was injected was radioactive material to check the functioning of my gallbladder. For two hours, I lay strapped to the scanning bed as my right side stung and throbbed. The radiologist informed me the results were normal. I cried the whole way home, aching and hopeless.

As I pulled into my condo’s driveway, I noticed a woman walking a small, white dog. Its tail bobbed with each springy step. I wiped my tears and smiled for a brief moment, distracted by the dog’s contentment.

As I drove closer, I realized it was my dog. I forgot my neighbor had offered to walk my dog.

On Thursday, I met with a surgeon about removing my apparently healthy gallbladder. We both agreed my mast cells are likely to blame, but there is no evidence. My mast cells are committing another perfect crime. It’s possible gallbladder removal could relieve my pain, but there’s no way to know for sure. Meanwhile, I am losing my sanity (and weight).

I don’t know what I am going to do. Today, the pain is shooting up my back and into my jaw. The holiday season is compounding my hopelessness. Right now, my only consoling thought is imagining giving my gallbladder at my office’s white elephant gift exchange. Luckily for my coworkers, my gallbladder (if removed) will need to sent to pathology. Bah humbug.

13 thoughts on “When mast cells commit the perfect crime

  1. Gosh. I am so sorry. It is such a discouraging feeling to have pain but cannot explain it medically. One thing is FOR SURE… you’re sense of humor is above average. So take that Mast Cells!

  2. “Right now, my only consoling thought is imagining giving my gallbladder at my office’s white elephant gift exchange.” Haha! Love your sense of humor. I know it helps keep me sane.

      1. Hi there, im so sorry to hear this. How are you going now? I am really curious, were you not able to “quell” the MCAS manifestation in your gallbladder?

  3. Hi there! Yep, I read in another comment that it was removed, im sorry to hear that 🙁
    However I was wondering why that was the measure taken? Did you attempt other treatment options which failed?

      1. I am having the same issue right now! Crazy pain and tests all show completely normal. It’s been going on since October. I was in the ER four days ago where they attempted to give me antipsychotic meds because they apparently decided I was just hysterical because I also bawled when the doctor told me nothing was wrong and it was just a strained abdominal muscle. When they did pathology on the gallbladder, did they find anything?

  4. How have you felt post gallbladder removal ? I am scheduled to have mine removed next week for suspicion of mast cell “ damage “ . I can’t imagine the affects of another round anesthesia . I feel the reaction to anesthesia is worse . And I worry about post operation for gallbladder being the anomaly of life long pooping the pants syndrome in top of mast cell hysteria in my body ….
    I appreciate your feedback
    Lost on a cellular level

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