We’re going to be on ESPN2!

Five years ago, I became allergic to exercise. When I ran, or even walked, my throat swelled, my organs screamed from lack of oxygen, and my heart pounded so loud I thought it might explode. I worried I would never be able to compete in agility.

Today, my heart still might explode, but only metaphorically. We did it! Quixote and I not only survived, but enjoyed the AKC National Agility Championship! I may be disabled, and he may be old, but we are athletes!

And we’re going to be on ESPN2 tonight! Quixote and I will be profiled during the airing of the AKC National Agility Championship, starting at 8 PM ET/ 7 PM CT/ 5PM PT. Our segment will run in the 2nd hour, after the 20″ dogs.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out my AKC NAC video series. I will be releasing one more video after the ESPN2 profile. Thank you so much for your incredible support! I certainly couldn’t have done this on my own.

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