Quixote on a Spoon

Team Quixote is going to the AKC National Agility Championship!

We’d love to have you cheer us on!

Keeya and Quixote on a spoon
  1. Print and cut out the PDF of Quixote. Ideally, print Quixote on cardstock, but a cardboard backing works too.
  2. Tape Quixote to the end of a spoon. Why a spoon? Spoons are the symbol of chronic illness! I am really proud of how we’ve adapted to compete with my chronic illnesses.
  3. Take a picture with Quixote on a Spoon! Even better–make a video message of encouragement with Quixote on a Spoon! 
  4. Email, message, or tag me in the picture or video of Quixote on a Spoon before March 26. I will be resharing on social media!
  5. Watch the AKC National Agility Championship with Quixote on a Spoon on March 26-28 online at AKC.tv! ESPN will broadcast the finals on March 31.

Team Quixote’s schedule

Central Time Zone! All times are approximate! The times will likely be earlier.

Friday, March 26: Warm up run in Ring 2 at 9:25 AM. Premiere Standard in Ring 1 at 10:42 AM.

Saturday, March 27: Jumpers with Weaves in Ring 6 at 8:55 AM. Standard in Ring 5 at 11:44 AM.

Sunday, March 28: Hybrid in Ring 2 at 8:49 AM.

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